The first step is letting you establish who you are.


Once you’re onboard you can become part of communities, and save the activities that are important to you.  As you engage with communities, your reputation in then, shared only there, can grow.


Communities can be quiet or engage actively.   We can help you plan and manage community activities, and expand your interests based on what other communities are doing.   All is private — the rules for community engagement are set by each community.

What we are not

  • If you talk about running shoes in your communities, you WILL NOT thereafter be plagued by running shoe advertisements on every subsequent site that you visit!
  • We don’t share community engagement data with anyone.  You have private data that we DO NOT share, and nobody shares community data.
  • We don’t spy on you.   It can be a fine line elsewhere between a “social network” and surveillance software.  NOT HERE.  We connect, but we DO NOT watch!

About our Community

  • We are local — If we can’t get blueberries flown in from Chile, we’ll grow them here ourselves.
  • We are community — if you’re not part of a community, 30-below winters might not appeal to you.   When it gets cold — we go to Ice Fishing.
  • We are smart — Our University, colleges and  schools are the center of our community.

Our goals are not more, but better.

Next Steps…

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