Our world already has LOTS of social media offerings!   Facebook and Twitter and the rest are practically universal.   What’s different about SMFSP™?

What’s different about SMFSP™?

All online offerings try to sell you something.  If you’re online and you can’t identify just what the product is, the YOU are the product!  Your actions become your-data, which is sold to anybody who wants to track you or merely sell you stuff.   SMFSP is the product – the ability to engage your neighbors privately and securely is what we sell.

How do you do that?

By following the SMFSP™ rules.   Our “rules of engagement” are:

  • We are local, not global.  SMFSP™ is a supplement for face-to-face contact, not a replacement for it.
  • Your data is yours — as you build a history of engagements and contacts, that history is kept privately in Blockchain.
  • Your history defines who you are.   You may love “jazz music and walks on the beach”, but then why don’t you ever listen to jazz, or go to the beach?   You are who your record says you are.

If SMFSP™ is the product, what do you sell?

Access to and maintenance of our network — NOT to the data.  Any data is yours alone.   As we are local and private, our costs-of-delivery are low.   It takes a bit more to enable community engagement, and we build some and you all build some.