The first settlers here found a beautiful land with even harsher winters than today.   We all may find harsh weather ahead, and it’s great to know who your friends are.


Social Media for Shy People gives us a way to build connections with our neighbors by logging our interests and concerns and linking us up with like-minded neighbors and friends.

Meet the Team

The idea behind SMFSP is that the community runs itself — we just provide the connectivity, and help you find you closest contacts while protecting your privacy.

John Repko

Founder & CEO

So far, I’m it.   MIT, RPI and Stanford grad, working on a Ph.D. at North Dakota State.  Go Bison!   Former venture capitalist, Oracle VP and Apropos Technology CTO, with earlier work on software that went to NeXT and chemical engineering for GE.

TBD – as needed. Major filling in for now.

Vice President

Major comes to us from Oklahoma, where he was raised by wolves and coyotes.  He’s sweet-natured, but still learning proper manners.

TBD – as needed. Pippa filling in for now.


Pippa came to us from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Just look at that face — you KNOW that she’s worried about our finances!

Next Steps…

Let’s talk!  Even better, lets meet and shake hands.  “Likes” are not the same as truly caring, and I’d like SMFSP™ to support true communities of people.

Call to Action