We Chat

We talk, we chat, we chew the fat, we gossip.  All in channels we control, and leaving a trail that we can maintain or erase.   Let’s talk!

We Help Each Other

SMFSP™ was started in Minnesota, and with the blizzards of a Minnesota winter and the vertical winds and falling trees of a Minnesota summer, it’s great to already know who your friends are.  We can all help each other.
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We Do Things Together

Community events like Loop the Lake and Winterfest (shown above) are a joy, but we can also get together for interests that we share that may be too private to just post on walls.     I remember, maybe 10 years ago a great friend telling me his guilty sin (as I looked over his CD collection) “You know, John, I kind of like Green Day…”    His secret has been safe with me all these 10 years.   Some things are private — that’s OK — you can share only in the groups you choose, where sharing is appropriate.
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What We’re Doing

SMFSP™ is all about innovation and our social interactions to help us tackle the problems that we all face.

Here in Flyover America it might sound unrealistic to think that we can solve real social problems with anything so trite as “Innovation.”    But Enrico Moretti, in his book The New Geography of Jobs, describes how just such a transition can be done.    Innovation generates wealth, and wealth generation gives people options, and it gives people hope.

  • We’re entering an age of information abundance, and bandwidth abundance is widely available.
  • But Bandwidth is only useful if you can do something with it.   SMFSP™ comes out of my PhD work — it’s something I’ll call “Social Media for Shy People.”   The scope is local, not global, the data is private and block chained, and a Hypercard-like interface helps regular people create their own interactions and build their own sense of local community.

All of us are better than any of us.  With SMFSP, we can link with people close to us without posing idealized images of any of us.

Next Steps…

So let’s get together!  Have a look at the site, and see what interests you.

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